Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Market Report

Lebanon Auction Yard  Market report  8/15/19 444 total receipts  433 cattle

Feeder cattle buyers continue to look for vaccinated cattle and show limited interest on the fat unweaned calves

The big question in the cow market is how long this market will hold When the fall run of cows start they will take money off the cows it just depends on how short we actually are  My advice is bring them to town sooner later than later

The top Holstein cows brought $78.00-$79.25 The top Beef Cows brought $75.00-$77.25

Top 10 Cows $77.61 Top 50 Cows $73.53 Top 100 Cows $69.97 Top 150 Cows $66.67 Top 200 Cows $62.26

Bulls # 1 $84.00-$90.00 # 2 $65.00-$76.00 #3 $$40.00-$54.00

Top Organic Cow $92.00 Top 10 $88.92 Top 50 $76.07

Best lite Steers and Bulls  $131.00-$141.00 Best heavy steers No test this week

Best lite Heifers  $125.00- $140.00 Best heavy Heifers $100.00–$110.00

Pairs  No test this week

Bred Cows No test this week

Goats by the head 65-70# $105.00-$110.00

Ewes  Thin by the head $42.50-$47.50

Lambs by the pound 85-90# $152.50 90-95# $120.00

All livestock August 22nd

All Livestock August 29th

Feeder Sale and Bred Cow Dispersal September 5th

Thank you Terry